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The Leading Manufacturer of Reusable
Sintered Silver-silver chloride Electrodes
— 40 years of experience —

 In Vivo Metric
P.O. Box 397
Healdsburg, CA 95448

(707) 433-2949

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In Vivo Metric has been designing, manufacturing and distributing
instrumentation for the Biomedical Sciences since 1965.

For over forty years In Vivo Metric has been one of the leading manufacturers of Reusable Biopotential Skin Electrodes, both domestically and internationally. On December 31, 2011, the manufacture of these electrodes was discontinued.

We are continuing production of silver-silver chloride bare electrodes (the same sensors mounted on our discontinued Biopotential Skin Electrode line) as well as insulated probes and implantable electrodes for non-clinical studies.

These bare Ag-AgCl Sensor Electrodes are used as components for Sensor Elements and Reference Electrodes in custom apparatus and instrumentation of your own design. Other applications are in the industrial fields, sea bottom petroleum exploration, oceanographic recording of electric fields as well as marine corrosion control. The sensors' silver-silver chloride is solid throughout, not plated. All IVM bare electrodes are sintered.

We provide a full line of Biopotential Skin Electrode Accessories including, electrode washers (collars/discs), skin prep pads, electrode gels, medical wraps & tapes and leadwires & extra long leadwires.

In Vivo Metric's Vascular Occluders are reusable inflatable silicone rubber cuffs for the constriction of blood vessels (arteries and veins) and soft organs for zero blood flow determination. Available in many sizes and models. For non-clinical applications.